13 Aug, 2020 | 23 Dhul Hijjah, 1441 AH

Question #: 2590

April 26, 2020

Can I have jammat at home and my wife can prayer with me? Second question : my wife have to stand besides me or behind me when we are praying separately

Answer #: 2590

The Answer with the praise of Allah
1- If you can't go to the mosque because of the epidemic situation, you can have Jamat at home with your wife. And she will stand right behind you, not with you.
2- Even when you are praying separately, it is better for her to stand behind you.
And Allah knows best
احقرمحمد ابووبکر صدیق غَفَرَاللّٰہُ لَہ
Darul Iftaa, Mahad ul Faqeer, Jhang
30 Shawwal, 1441 AH
June 22, 2020